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The Journey

Nancy Slomowitz, Tseneh Founder & Designer

Nancy Slomowitz Portrait
Book Exposed, An Unexpected Journey from Fear to Freedom

My first act – business – is what got me here. My first love, fashion – is what this second act in my life is all about. The Tseneh (pronounced 'tsee-nuh') story is about my journey to fulfill a lifelong dream and is documented in my book: Exposed – An Unexpected Journey from Fear to Freedom.

Several years ago, I received a wake-up call that made me realize I was not living a life of happiness and personal fulfillment. I had to face an uncomfortable truth – that in achieving financial success and the so-called American Dream, I had become spiritually bankrupt and uncomfortably numb.

I had spent decades building a very successful business career and reached the pinnacle of success as the founder/CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm. I wasn’t about to throw all of that away, so I started to introduce changes over time. My advice is don’t quit your day job - change doesn't happen overnight.

I began to explore my creative side, which had been dormant for decades. My hidden talents began to emerge as I started a variety of creative projects. I unleashed my passion for clothing and jewelry design – and my own brand Tseneh was born. I began to explore creative writing and published two books.

As my journey progressed, I realized that I had a message that I could share with others: don't wait to live your dreams. You can live a life of success and fulfillment. The products and services offered on this website are designed to help you get started on a path to personal fulfillment. Follow my journey in my books, on this website, and on my FaceBook and LinkedIn pages.